Transcendence - Shay Savage

What a totally amazing fabulous book! I am so glad that I did not pass this one up. First off, it is told all through Ehd’s inner dialogue. Ehd, in case you are wondering, is a caveman that has been living on his own for a long time. The book starts out with Ehd barely wanting to survive because he is lonely and depressed. That all changes when one of his traps catch a woman from another time. Beh, is Ehd’s mate and he spends the entire book proving to her that he is worthy of her. Through the entire book we never find out much about Beh. It is hinted at that she is a time traveler and she landed in this bizarre world somehow, but since it is all told from Ehd’s perspective, we never truly find out. I thought I would have a hard time reading the story told from a male’s point of view, but the author does a wonderful job of showing us what is going on instead of telling us.


Ehd, even though he is a caveman, is very descriptive and through his confusion you get a gist of what is going on with Beh. I loved the survival part of this book. Ehd had to make fire, fish, hunt, make leather and clothes, and Beh has to weave baskets and cook from scraps that she forages. It was fascinating to read how they survive in their cave.

This book has very little actual dialogue. Ehd is incapable of learning language, but even though they are missing words, they manage to fall in love just fine. Ehd was so loving and wanted nothing more than to prove his worth and take care of his mate.


I wonder what I will do if she doesn't wake up, and I don't have an answer. As I lie back down next to her and pull her into my arms, my stomach growls, and suddenly I know exactly what I will do. If she doesn't wake up, then I will just lie here with her until I don't wake up, either.


It was a wonderful love story with a twist. A little warning… some of the self dialogue with Ehd is ridiculous at times. I’m not sure how else it could have been reworded given that he is a caveman and all, but it was a little rough at parts to get through; especially when he kept thinking about putting a baby in Beh. It should be noted that there are a couple of instances in the book where he thinks about forcing himself on her, though he doesn’t because he doesn’t want her to hate him and he wants her to want him. He says repeatedly that even if he never mates with her again that being with her is still better than anything else he could ever want. So…a bit of redemption in that at least. Because of these two aspects, I have to lower my rating. Though, I do suggest this read, if only to try something new and see what you think. I was pleasantly surprised, so it worked out for me in the end.