Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs

Is there anything Patricia Briggs can't do? Dead Heat was awesome! I love Charles and Anna, not as much as I love Mercy and Adam, but I still love them anyways. Anna and Charles share an amazing bond. Something that feels ancient as love itself and just as enduring. This book is my second favorite in the series, the first being the story that began it all in the On The Prowl. I think I like that one the best because it is the beginning of their relationship, though this one shows the strength and beauty of what they have become.


So, let's get into the nitty gritty. Anna and Charles head out to Arizona to visit friends with the plan of buying Anna a horse for her birthday. When they arrive their friends lives are in turmoil because a devious Fae is on the loose taking children and replacing them with simulacrums.

On top of the Fae doing awful things with children, one of Charles dearest friends is dying and refuses to be turned into a werewolf. Charles, being the noble man he is, refuses to turn him without his consent. Joseph is a great addition to Charles past, which we don't know a lot about. Each book in this series lends a little more information to this mysterious man, Dead Heat not being an exception.


Anna, in previous books has been dealing with the relationship building between her and Charles, but in this book we finally see her settle in as Charles mate and true love. So much so that she decides she wants a child with him.

Anna seems to have come to terms with her past and uses it to help a person in need in this book. It felt like a huge turning point for Anna and one I was happy to finally see.


I couldn't find a single flaw with this book. The characters, even the side ones, were well developed and belonged in every place they were written. We got more information on those sneaky Fae and a peek at what is to come for Charles and Anna in the future. I loved how Ms. Briggs weaved in some of the rest of the pack in. She never fails with adding just the right about of Bran into her stories. This book, like many others kept me on the edge of my seat and had me devouring each page with fury. I couldn't wait to see what would happen! Patricia Briggs has always been on my auto-buy list and will remain so. I can't imagine how her next book will be any better than this, but I have said that for each and every single book she has written previously.

Heads up for any readers that haven't read this series, or the Mercedes Thompson series, they need to be read in order. There is a lot of world building and character structure that happens through each book. Don't do yourself the disservice of starting in the middle of the series.