Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

In any series there are going to be books like Heir of Fire. Books that are full of a lot of filler and set up for the awesomeness that is coming next in the series. As a reader of many series, I know this to be true and yet I still continue to read books in long series. I’m not going to lie; this book took some time to get into. For the first half of the book I was a little lost and not so happy with all of the world set up, but it paid off in the end. I’m glad I held in there and kept reading.


As with the other books in this series, we meet a few new faces in this book as well as hang out with our favorite friends and enemies from past books. My new favorite addition is Prince Rowan.

Holy smokes! As with any good beginning romance Rowan and Aelin despise each other when they first meet, but then the goodness develops and they rock as a couple. I loved the following Aelin as she discovers her powers with Rowan and the way she uses them the way she does. Burn baby Burn!

Manon, oh Manon! At first, I couldn't really find any reason why Manon and the other witch clans played such an important role in this book. Since I read the next book in the series right after this one, I suggest to those that feel the same way just HANG ON, it truly comes together beautifully.


I can’t really get into many other details of this book without spilling major spoilers, but if you can get past the filler and plot setting of this book, it pays off in this book as well as in the next.