First post of a new user

Hello fellow book lovers! I decided to make my way over to Booklikes after being a dedicated member of Goodreads for the past 3 years. I have to admit that it was nice to be able to go through lists of books and simply add them to my reading list on Goodreads. As an avid bookaholic I have over 600 read books on Goodreads and I am only 1/3 of the way through transferring them onto Booklikes. Perhaps there is an easier way than individually searching for the books and going through the steps to add it to my shelf? If so, I have yet to find it.


Anyways, I came here in hopes of writing about what I read and meeting new people that read books similar to mine. Plus, I'd like to throw in a few rants and raves along the way about some common misconceptions about readers like me. That will be coming in my next post and is based off of a comment that someone made to me about the "slutty" books that I read. More to come on that one later. Please feel free to browse through my shelf and if you find some books in common, send me a message or give me a follow. I will follow in return. Once I get up and running totally I plan on reviewing books that I plow through and plow through them I do. I am a fast reader and somehow manage to squeeze in at least a book a week, if not more. It's going to be great fun!