Moon (New Species) - Laurann Dohner

I love the new species series! I have said it before and I will continue to rave about it. Having said that, Moon's book was good, but not amaze-balls like some of the other ones in this series. Moon and Joy first met when Moon had been released and they are at a site called Site four (another NS place) and he was still known as 466. She was his therapist and in charge of helping him get better socially. She knew she was falling for him and he was persistent in pushing her to want everything her body was telling her should have, so she quit her job and moved away. In Joy's defense, she did it because of the obvious patient client thing, but because it would be harder for him if she didn't go then instead of later. Unexpectedly, Moon gets shot with some kind of medicine that makes him go crazy. They call Joy back to the facility since she worked with him before and ask her to help them get Moon back. The plot then goes through flashbacks of their time together when he was trying to seduce her during their sessions. It was by far my favorite part of the book. I loved reading about how he was before and the chemistry they had before they could technically act on it. It was hard to see Moon acting feral because of the unidentified drugs those bastards Mercile shot him with. He has been such a great side character in previous books that you really can't do anything but fall in love with him.

I'm not too sure why I didn't totally love this addition to the series. I mean, it was good don't get me wrong there, but I feel like it was lacking something....maybe because it was all set in a room and there was very little action. The others in the series had adventure and excitement and I was sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Not so much with Moon. There is plenty of steamy scenes, some sweet declarations, and revisits by old characters from other characters in the series. I am hopeful that with True's book I will get more action/adventure :)