The Winter People - Jennifer McMahon

The Winter People is a ghost story. It is a similar ghost story to Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery and one that kept me up past my bed time (with all the lights in my house on). I have never read anything by Jennifer McMahon, nor had I heard about this book except by accident while browsing through lists on GoodReads. The plot seemed interesting enough, but what really pulled me in was the thought that I could read something out of my reading comfort zone and actually keep interest. Winter People did that.


What’s inside this book:


Interesting mystery- check

A town with a dark secret-check

Creepy little girls that talk to dolls-check

UFO nut jobs-check

A predictable ending- check check (unfortunately)


What is it about?


The book is based around the diary of a woman named Sara Harrison Shea. She lived in a farm house outside of a town named West Hall in 1908. Sara had a little girl and the worst thing a mother could imagine happened and her daughter Gertie died and then the rest of the household went to shit and Sara and her husband died too. No one knew for sure what exactly happened, but rumors said that the farm was cursed and something in the woods by their farm got them. Fast forward to present time where we meet Ruthie and her family that now occupies the same farm. Ruthie’s mother goes missing and in the search to find her she uncovers the secret diary of Sara Harrison Shea and through some crazy circumstances the mystery of what exactly happened on the farm in 1908 is solved.  


What I thought:


Even though the ended was predictable, I liked it. It had a definite creep factor that made me not want to go up the stairs without the lights on alone. You know that feeling you get when you are going up the stairs and feel like someone is behind you trying to get you and if you don’t haul ass up them you will die? Yeah. That is how I felt during a lot of parts of this book.


It creeped me the hell out and I loved it. There has been so much hype with Zombies that the poor Ghosts have been neglected. In my opinion this book combines the best of both of those worlds with some interesting twists in between. I thought Ruthie was kind of a bitch and I had to seriously wonder where these people’s sense of self preservation is during certain parts of this book. Maybe I just have a stronger sense of survival than others, but I had to seriously wonder about people during this book. I recommend this book if you want a good creepy story and don’t mind a predictable ending.