Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker

There are certain books that I read that usually have me shaking my head in wonder. I wonder how in the world they managed to get published, yet other really incredible writers struggle every day to see their words in print. It’s usually after reading piles of those SMH books that I run into the total opposite. These books are the one that make you remember why you are proud to be a reader and then you don’t mind digging through the bad ones to find the treasure. Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker was that treasure for me.


Kacey Cleary survived a horrible drunk-driving car accident four years ago. Her parents, best friend, and boyfriend all died while she was in the car with them. Kacey, having been spared her life, is left to pick up the broken pieces while caring for her teenage sister Livie. Kacey can’t stand her Aunt and Uncle (rightly so) and one night she takes Livie and they escape to Miami to start their lives again. Kacey knows she is the only one that is responsible for Livie now, so she has to get it together enough to find a job, get Livie enrolled in school, and pretend to be Ok.

They arrive in Miami to be greeted with their new craptastic apartment, stripper next door neighbor, and a man that she can’t help but be drawn to. Trent Emerson lives in apartment 1D and is everything Kacey has been trying to avoid. He works his way into her brick and mortared heart and shatters all of her defenses. It isn’t just Kacey that is holding on to a broken past. Trent has his own secrets. Ones that when discovered will ruin Kacey’s and Livie’s new life.

My thoughts

I wish I could say how much I love this book but I can’t seem to get it out in words right now. All I can say is that if I met K.A. Tucker right now I’d give her one of these:


Kacey is such an incredible character. She is strong, funny, and loyal to the core to her sister. Everything that she does she does for Livie. That includes taking a job as a bartender at a strip club with her neighbor just to make more money. She gives up on all of herself destructive coping mechanisms she flocked to after the accident, only because she needed to be there for her sister.

Trent is the dreamy neighbor in 1D and the one that Kacey falls for. He is everything she needed him to be. Sexy, irresistible, patient, understanding, funny, loving, did I say sexy? But he’s got his own problems. Some pretty effing big problems that we don’t find out until the very last of the book. However, I couldn’t have imagined his secrets being anything else or this book resolving in any other way. Kacey needed his secret to be what it was and without it they would not have been able to completely heal from their trauma.

The side characters were one of my favorite parts of this book. They were not dull lifeless beings that I sometimes find in books, but whole round characters that you instantly fell in love with. I love them even more knowing that some of them get their own book in this series. As soon as I can get my hands on said books I am going to binge read them.

I have never been one to really get into the New Adult genre, but this book may have changed my opinion. It was very well written, funny, and poetic at times. If anyone would ask me if I recommend reading it I would, without a doubt say: