Need - Carrie Jones

DNF at 72 pages. So much was awful about this book. So much. Let’s make a short list shall we?

  • I feel like the scenario of Zara’s arrival was plagiarized from Twilight. For instance, Zara is sent to Maine to live with her grandma where it has horrible weather and no sunshine. When Zara arrives she is gifted with a car. Hot guy drives a sporty car that the author blabs about endlessly. Any of that sound familiar?
  • Who the hell are all of these people that are being introduced and how the hell am I supposed to remember them all? There is such a thing as too many side characters.
  • Where’s the chemistry? So far all I’ve gotten is that Zara is “hooked” onto our supposedly main bad boy. Why? What has he done but touch your arm and walked you to the entrance of the school door. She hasn’t even had a conversation with him?! Nor has she described why he is so fucking amazing that she is “hooked”.
  • Pixie dust?! Are you effing kidding me? Some authors can pull off crap like this. If and ONLY if they have strong character development and seriously solid plot lines. That just is not happening here.
  • The writing is beyond terrible. Nothing flows together smoothly. It is all choppy and I have had to re-read more than not to be able to try and understand what I just read.
  • Foreshadowing hell. I didn’t even finish the book and I already know what is going to happen and what all of the big mysterious creatures are that are luring about Maine.
  • Stupid girl problems. After getting stuck in a ditch because the roads are icy and she is driving home she gets saved by Nick (rolls eyes). But, she sees someone at the edge of the woods. Not having enough of a stupid adventure by wrecking her car in a ditch, she decides to run after the guy she saw standing there. Even after Nick pushed her car out of the ditch. Why did she do this? Oh wait, just to add another scene of the ridiculous pixie dust into the mix. Please.