Pack Challenge - Shelly Laurenston

This is the first book in the Magnus Pack series by Shelly Laurenston and I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed reading this book. Sara is very witty, has a hell of a mouth on her, and is not willing to just lie down and succumb to Zach, like a perfect mate should. She is deeply loyal to her friends, so much so that I thought they could have been actual sisters, and it gets her in trouble at times. She lost her mother as an infant and her father in an attack by mountain lions as a kid. During the mountain lion attack she was left with some nasty scarring and a leg injury that causes her pain every day. She ends up living with her grandmother, who was a mean old bitch and treated Sara terribly, while hiding Sara’s true heritage from her. After the death of her grandmother Sara is happy to move on from that part of her life. The problem is, the pain in her leg is to the point where it has become unbearable and she doesn’t know what to do.


Enter Zach Sheridan. Zach was tasked with the mission of letting Sara know who she really is and take her with him back to her parent’s pack. He gets into town to scope her out and finds her drunk in a bar. When she gets into some trouble with a couple of jerks at the bar, Zach steps in to help her, only to be rewarded with the hottest kiss from a woman he can’t seems to take his eyes off of.  The next day, Zach hunts her down to her work, finding that the sweet woman with the hot mouth the night before has been replaced by a she-devil with a bitchy attitude. He tries to resist her because he wants to step into the position of pack alpha, but he succumbs as well as Sara.


Overall, I liked this book. It was an exciting quick read for me. I loved the banter between Zach and Sara!


“And you annoy the shit out of me, too. You’re an asshole.”

“And you’re a psychotic bitch.” His head slipped down and he dragged his tongue across her nipple, causing her back to arch. “But, I’m pretty sure I could fuck that right out of you.”



Zach was hot and if Sara won’t take it, I'm sure there are others that will!


Side characters, for me, are usually as important when I read a book as the main. This book was no different. Sara’s friends have a big role in this book and as much as they try to be funny and protective, I found them to be annoying and bitchy. Not cute bitchy either, just downright nasty at times. I feel like they tried too hard at times and by the end of the book I was happy to get more interaction with Zach and Sara than of Sara and her friends. Zach’s friends however, were quite amazing. I liked Conall a lot! He was so cute and determined!


Overall, Pack Challenge was a fun read. The plot was fast and kept me on my toes. I found myself laughing and shaking my head at parts of this book, which is always a good thing for me. The pack hierarchy was easy enough to understand and it had some really good characters in it. This is not my first Shelly Laurenston book and it certainly won’t be my last.