Hell House - Richard Matheson

A dying millionaire enlists the help of scientist and two psychics to find out if there is life after death. He pays the three people to go into Hell House and see if there is more than endless nothing when we die. Tension is very high between the people that go into the house. There is a scientist and his wife, a religious medium, and the sole survivor of the last Hell House tragedy. They all must find out what is causing the craziness in the house and not lose their minds in the process.

The beginning of this book is a lot of set up. Not much happens except some foreshadowing of awful things to come and the history of the main characters and the house. Things begin to start happening about half way through and when they do there is a lot that happens. There are a lot of psychological aspects to this book. Is it imagination that is haunting the house or is it really the ghost of the owner that turned the house into a house of debauchery? Are ghosts the ones keeping the investigators on their toes or is it normal manifestations of energy? The attacks that the investigators face are definitely rated high on the creepy factor and I only read this book during the day because I would not have been able to sleep otherwise.

I was disappointed in the ending and the characters incessant need to keep returning to the house. I guess I just have a stronger sense of survival than the investigators in the book, but what can you do? I wish there would have been a stronger ending once everything was done, but it did wrap up nicely and took care of all of the loose ends. This book was not my typical reading material, but I am glad that I gave it a try. I recommend this book to anyone that loves a good haunted house mystery or ghostly horror.