Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews

Damnit I loved this book!


Kate Daniels is in it up to her neck again, but this time she finally gets some (kind of) closure to the mess that she has been wading in. I was very happy that the author put the disclaimer at the beginning of this book that it is not the end of the series but of the story arc. She was right in saying that this book felt like the end of the series, but after reading it, I have to say that I am quite satisfied by the way things went down with Kate and Roland. 


Kate has to prove (yet again) to the pack that she is strong enough to do the job of Consort to Curran the Beast Lord. While he is away on a meeting she is invited to a meeting of the Conclave and has to play politics and sooth the egos of the vampire mind controllers known as the People. This is when shit hits the fan. Hugh D’Ambray strolls into this meeting and declares war against the Pack. Kate has to figure out a diplomatic way to save as many of her people as she can, all on her own since Curran is away on business.


Needless to say there is plenty of action and creepy things that go bump in this magical world that has been set up for the Kate Daniels series. We got to see the witches again, which are so creepy in a sort of beautiful way. I mean, who lives inside of a big tortoise?! We also get to read more about Ghastek, the main vampire controller. I appreciated that we got to learn some of his background and find out what made him tick.


I missed Curran through most of this book.

I kept waiting for him to come back in his furriness goodness and take over for Kate. It didn’t happen, but the grand entrance he made when he finally showed up made the wait SO much better. Kate and Curran’s relationship has always been a big deal for me in this series. It is not so much that it is a central plot line of the books, but that it is an underlying reason for their character development. Kate and Curran both are willing (and do) make sacrifices for each other throughout the series and Magic Breaks was no exception to that.


I loved meeting Kate’s grandmother and finally getting some showdown time with Roland. I felt satisfied with the way things happened with them and the epilogue was too good! Magic Breaks had me hooked from the first page and took me on an emotional ride. I found myself laughing out loud with some of the things that came out of Kate’s mouth and my heart breaking at other times. Of course there were some swoon worthy moments over Curran and other times where I just wanted to bitch slap some of the pack members. Overall, I can’t rave enough about Magic Breaks or any of the books in the Kate Daniels world.

I have yet to find a book in this series that I didn’t devour in a day and I can’t wait to read the next one. Now I just have to nurse my book hangover until that happens.