DNF at 43%

Zombie Fallout - Mark Tufo

DNF at 43%. Everyone knows how Zombie stories go, so I will spare you the bleak plot of this one. At first I thought this book was hilarious. I had one or two good laugh out loud moments in the first chapter or two, but then the raunchy humor got old. It got old fast. If I was a pre-teen boy I might have enjoyed this book. There were plenty of poop, fart, and fat people jokes. The main character was excited about the idea of everyone in the world being wiped out by zombies. Not only that, but he was prepared for it. How convenient for him and his entire family. How is it that he was so prepared, but it took him 6 shots to even hit one of the zombies in the head? I do believe he said that he had his sons practice all the time at the shooting range. Did he skip these days too? I wanted a zombie book full of suspense, maybe a joke or two, this book did not deliver that. Usually I give every book 50% before I stop reading. This one wasn’t worth the time to get to that point. Don’t bother with this one.