Season to Taste: A Novel

Season to Taste: A Novel - Natalie Young ***I received this book as an ARC for an honest review***

What it is about

Lizzie is a 50(ish) year old woman that murders her husband in their yard, chops him up into pieces, sticks him in the freezer, and eats him. The entire plot line (what there was of it) is flashbacks of her past with her husband, who in my opinion doesn’t sound so terrible. Lizzie befriends a boy at the local garden center and he is a total weirdo. The entire story is told through weird shifts of third person, first person, and a series of instructions that Lizzie writes to herself.

My thoughts

I had high expectations for this book. I was hoping to get a glimpse of a totally demented or devastated woman that had to murder her husband for a twisted or legitimate purpose. Instead I got a dull character that just up and killed her husband in the garden by whacking him over the head with garden spade. The premise of this book was fascinating, but the execution of it failed horribly. It was rather stomach-turning in the description of the cooking and eating of human body parts and more often than not I found that I had to put the book down to ease the nausea before I could read on. I could have handled it just fine if I could have figured out Lizzie. I had no clue if she was nuts or if she was just written so terribly. She seemed very fake and emotionless and I couldn’t get into her psyche enough to get involved in this book. I feel like the author had a really great idea and concept when beginning this novel, but just couldn’t get it out on paper in the right way. Sorry to say that I did not like this book. Not even a little.