Cursed (Cursed Magic Series, Book 1) (Volume 1)

Cursed - Casey Odell I DNF this book at 57%. I thought that I was getting the hang of this writers style and the development of the characters, but then something would happen and there would be crying and scolding and more crying. So, I figured I would hang on for a little while longer until maybe something interesting happened. I got over half through this book and nothing happened. No answers to any of the huge questions that were presented in the beginning of the book. What was happening to the towns? What is the deal with the mark on her arm? What is Farron's deal? There weren't even hints of any answers being resolved.I hated Claire. I feel like the author set her up for failure from the beginning. Maybe, just maybe if she had started to learn from her childish immature mistakes and behaviors I could have given her more of a chance. Honestly the only reason I kept reading as long as I did was because I was hoping for some sexy elf action, which didn't happen either.