The Heist

The Heist - Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg

First I'd like to say that I have read just about everything that Janet Evanovich has written. I am a completely devoted fan of her Stephanie Plum series. Having said that, it pains me to say that I did not completely love this book. It wasn't bad and it certainly had its perks, but I felt like the writing was choppy and I could separate the parts of the book that were written by Ms. Evanovich and the Mr. Goldberg.

So what is it about? Well, FBI special agent Kate O'hare has been hunting conman Nicolas Fox for the last 5 years. Kate finally catches him and in return she gets sucked into one of Nick's cons and ends up working with him and the FBI to catch and even bigger conman. Cue guns, hilarious sidekicks, and explosions and you get The Heist. I really liked the development of the side characters, especially Willie. She reminded me of Lula from the Stephanie Plum series. There was a subtle hint of attraction between Kate and Nick that it kept me wondering if there was going to be a possibility of something major happening later on in the series. I had a hard time getting into this book. I feel like there was SO much going on with the development of the con. Pair that with the writing that felt like two separate people telling the story and it made for a rough read for me. I am going to pick up the sequel to this The Chase and see what happens. I am hoping that they were working out the kinks of writing a book together and that it resolves itself in the next installment.