The Gamble - Kristen Ashley

Nina Sheridan is on a time-out from her fiancé Niles. She suspects that he is not the man that she is meant to spend the rest of her life with and take a break to the Colorado Mountains. She arrives at the A-frame house that she rented for 2 weeks to find a deliciously aggravating man name Max at the door telling her that the house is his and the booking has been a mix up. Planning to drive to town to find a hotel, Nina ends up in a snowy ditch. After falling asleep in the back seat, Nina wakes up in Max’s bed and is terribly sick. Max spends the next few days nursing Nina back to health in his house and the next two weeks convincing her that she should stay with him in Colorado.


Nina struggles with her attraction to Max, especially when there is so much mayhem happening in the small town. They have to wade through the waters of their attraction while dealing with friends, family, visits from people thought gone, and a mysterious murder.


This was the first book I have ever had the pleasure of reading by Kristen Ashley and it was not a disappointment.

It seriously blew my mind. From the second Nina arrived at Max’s doorstep and he took the right thing and took care of her, until the end of the book and we got closure with Charlie and Anna in such a blindingly sweet way. This book was a great ride. Nina was funny and had a great fiery spirit. She was passionate about people she cared for and even took care of those that she didn’t when she had to lawyer up and help Max’s bitch of a sister. And don’t get me started on Shauna!

At least Nina got the smack-down in a few times with her. Nina was really believable character. She was insecure, but rightly so. I have to admit I was slightly irritated she couldn’t just buck up and ask Max what she wanted to know, but I get why she didn’t. Nina and I just have different personalities I guess. I loved her quirky mom and their relationship. It is how every mother and daughter should be.


Max. Whoa. Max was a-fucking-mazing! He was dominating and sweet and the best part was he could admit when he was wrong!

He was a guy that you know would take care of you, even if you were not being your best self. As we saw him do with Nina a few times. He was loyal, protective, did I mention sweet? He has such a rough exterior, but just by the way his friends and family, hell the whole town, acts towards him, you can see how pure his intentions are. He may have had a painful past that he had not been able to get over until Nina showed up on his doorstep, but he overcame it in the most wonderful way.


Having never read a Kristen Ashley book before I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was shocked to see how long this book was, having clocked in at well over 600 pages, but it didn’t feel like a long read. I plowed through this book wanting to know what was going to happen and to find out who the elusive killer was. This book was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I laughed, a got pissed, I shed a tear or two, and thought I was going to squeal with glee.

After reading this first book in the Colorado Mountain series and reading the teaser for the next book Sweet Dreams at the end, it is safe to say I am hooked on this series!