Sweet Dreams - Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams is the second installment in the Colorado Mountain series by Kristen Ashley. Lauren Grahame left her old life in Phoenix after she found out her husband had been cheating on her fort 5 years. If that wasn’t bad enough the woman he was sleeping with was her best friend and everyone that she thought cared about her knew and didn’t say a word about it. Lauren arrived in the town of Carnal after divorcing her bastard husband and applied for a waitressing job at a biker bar. Lauren is immediately rejected for being too high-class, but works her way in after proving to one of the owners she can do it.


Enter Tate Jackson. Tate is an asshole. He is quick to temper and says horrible things that he doesn’t mean when he gets angry. So, of course he sticks his foot in his mouth when he comes into his bar and finds that his work partner has hired a rich bitch from the city. Tate soon comes to realize that everything that he thought about Lauren was wrong and finds himself wanting to claim Lauren as his own. When violence threatens to take away something he wants, he knows he has to work to prove himself good enough for Lauren and make sure she is safe.


I loved this book. It took me a little while to warm up to Tate and the way he talked, but after I did I really warmed up to him. Tate was sexy, protective, loyal, loving, and a beast in bed. After he revealed his big secret, which I won’t expose, I fell in love with him even more.

He had such big dreams for his life and lost everything so it was only natural to want to control Lauren and make sure that she couldn’t be taken from him too. I liked how he was bossy and didn’t let Lauren get away with some of her bullshit, especially when she kept trying to pack up and run from her problems. He made her face them and even though he was a jerk about it sometimes, he was there to help her figure out her hold-ups.


Lauren was totally likeable and I was silently rooting for her the whole time. I hated her husband who showed up to try and get her back and I really hated her best friend.

She and Tate handled it perfectly and had me cracking up while doing so. She was able to build wonderful friendships and stood on her own which was extremely important to her.


This book was long. About as long as the first book in this series, The Gamble. I feel like it did not need to be so long to get the story of Tate and Lauren out, but with the events that happened and the murder going on in town that there was a lot of plot to be told. It also felt like the author didn’t know what to do with a certain character and killing her off was the easiest route.

I feel like there could have been room for conflict resolution with this character, but taking her out of the equation was simply easier.


Overall, I loved it. Tate was great (and he had a beard!),

Lauren was great, the city folk were great, and the plot was fast and engaging. I already ordered the next book in this series and know it won’t be disappointing.