Motorcycle Man - Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man is the last book in the Dream Man series by Kristen Ashley. Tyra Masters has a one night stand that ended up being the best sex of her life. She thought the man; Kane Tack Allen was everything she wanted for her dream man: tattooed, muscled, drool worthy on a bike. That was until he kicked her out the next morning.  If Tyra wasn’t humiliated enough by being booted out of his bed, she shows up the same day at her new job to find out that Tack is also her new boss.


Kane Tack Allen has made it a rule that he does not sleep with his employees. So when the sexy lady he had sex with the night before comes into the garage and claims to be his new office manager he quickly fires her. Fortunately for him, Tyra take no shit from anyone, including him, and this catches Tacks interest. Things start heating up in the Chaos MC world in which Tack is the leader and he has to do everything to keep Tyra safe while keeping his hands off of her. Something he finds hard to do when he realizes that he could lose her. Tack finds himself breaking all of his hard headed rules and changing things in his life for his new hottie office manager.


Tyra was my favorite kick ass female in this series. I thought she was smart, witty, sweet, and she had a serious vulnerable side where she couldn’t deal with peoples treating her sweetly without busting out in tears. I feel like she is someone that I would want to be my friend because she gave her world to hers in the book, while making sure that her bestie knew she thought she was making a mistake.

As with the other women in this series she is fiercely loyal and very protective of those that earn a place in her heart. She also refused to take any of Tack’s shit, which just so happened to be a lot.


“Actually, handsome, I don’t want to kiss you. I want to kick you.”


His smile came back. “Bullshit games.”


“No, seriously, Tack, if I could land one right now, I’d kick you. Unfortunately, you have me pressed to a wall so I don’t have room to move.”


He attitude works so well with Tack because as much as she doesn’t take his bullshit, he doesn’t take hers either. Especially when she tries to leave on multiple occasions. This works though. She needs someone that proves to her that she is worth it.


Tack was over the freaking top fantastic. We met tack in the first book of this series and he seemed to make a cameo in all of the other books to help out. It was only fitting that he got to keep playing his hero/protector role in his HEA. Tack is a hard core motorcycle biker man and is a little hard to get used to. That is until you realize that behind his sexy rough exterior that there is a vulnerable man inside ready to take on the world for those that he protects and Tack protects a lot of people.


I loved this series. I loved the world Ms. Ashley created and the bonds that formed with all of the major players throughout this series. Elvira is a hoot and Cosmo nights were some of my favorite scenes in the series. I’m sad to see this series come to an end, but it has made a permanent home on my book shelf, which is saying something.