Son of No One - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Josette Landry has some shit luck and she knows it. So she isn’t really surprised that when she takes a job as a camera woman for a paranormal group that she falls through a mirror into another realm. Her luck seems to change when she is rescued  by a sword wielding Cadegan. Little does she know that he is not all that he seems and her luck did not in fact take a turn for the better.


Cadegan has been locked away in a realm for centuries. All he has craved is a way out so that he can seek vengeance against the person that put him there. When a lady from another world enters his desolate realm he is fascinated as much as he is irritated. It doesn’t take long for the two to come together and begin to find a way out of the dark world, but both of them wonder what price they will pay for their freedom.


First I would like to say that I have been a devoted Sherrilyn Kenyon reader for years. I love her Dark Hunter series and I adore Chronicles of Nick. Having said that I am not fond of the new story arch that has been introduced and because of that, this book did not do it for me. I had a hard time keeping interest, which is saying something considering I tore through Styxx in two days. I don’t know if I am just in a funk with the writing style or the story line, but it totally fell flat for me on this one.


Jo was funny and really quirky. She seemed to take everything in stride and didn’t even blink when she landed in another world. She had some really great one liners, but it felt forced to me. Like it wasn’t natural for her. I think this has something to do with her being a part of the Deveraux family.


Cade was from another century and it showed in some ways. There was a definite language barrier, which was fun at times. I liked that he was protective and had his own secrets. However, his character didn't blow my mind like previous alpha hotties in this series. He was totally contradictory. For example, he was more than happy to have someone to hang out with and let into his home, even though time and time again he was worried about trusting people and talking about how trusting people fucked him. Yet, a hot piece falls into his lap and he’s good to go again.


The insta-love was what really got to me.

Jo and Cade had just met and she started waxing poetic about how she could love him and how he deserved his love blah blah blah. I get the falling and falling hard thing. It happens in books. But one of the most precious things to read through is how this happens and develops over the course of time. Didn’t happen here.


On a positive note, I was happy to see some of the old gang. Acheron, Simi, Styxx, Thorn, Jaden, all made an appearance. It wasn’t until the end, but they were there. It was my favorite part since they are old favorites of mine. Who doesn’t love a demon with an affinity for BBQ sauce?


Overall, I didn’t hate the book. It was fast paced, had some action, introduced a new sort of pantheon, and had some old friends in it. If you are a fan of this series give it a try. It fell flat for me, but may work for you. It won’t stop me from picking up the next one in the series though. Maybe next time it will rock my socks. One bad book does not make a bad series.