Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson - Patricia Briggs

What a great addition to the Mercy Thompson world! I was so happy to read stories about some of my favorite characters (looking at you Samuel)!

Silver was the story of Samuel and Ariana. It gave valuable insight to what happened with Sam and Bran way back when in their history. It told some of their family history as well as Sam’s first encounter with Ariana, who we meet again in Silver Borne. I really liked this story and we miss so much of how they come together and their history in Silver Borne, so it was so great to get a back story.

Fairy gifts was not my favorite story in this anthology. It was about a Chinese vampire that lives in Butte, Montana. He works in a mine and on one of his trips into the underground mine he runs into a trapped fae. She grants him what he desires most and disappears. Year later they are rejoined and he returns the favor. I was a bit confused at this story, but I do recall reading about the main character of this one in a previous Mercy World book, though I couldn’t tell you which one.

Gray was a ghost/vampire story. It was an unusual spin of a dark tale about lost love. Elyna killed her husband right after she was turned into a vampire. She heard unusual stories about a haunting in the apartment that they used to live and returns there in hope that the ghost is her dead husband. Long story short it has a sweet ending and was a quick satisfying read.

Seeing Eye is a story that was told in one of the other anthologies. It is the story of Tom and Moira. They are big (or semi-big) players in the Alpha & Omega series. Since this was in another anthology I’ll skip a review on this one.

Alpha and Omega is my favorite Patricia Briggs short story. It is the beginning of the Alpha and Omega series with Charles and Anna and packed full of goodness. This one is also in another anthology, so I’ll skip it as well.

Roses in winter is the story of a wolf that we are introduce to in Blood Bound. It is her story of coming fully into her wolf and pack with the help of Asil (who we meet in the Alpha & Omega series). Asil tries to come across as the grumpy old man, but Kara breaks through his hard shell and gives him a reason to live again. To me, this short story was one of healing. Healing for both Asil and Kara. It helped Bran was in it a lot too and we got to see a softer side of his wife. It was a very sweet read and I loved it!

In red, with pearl was warrens story. He plays such a critical role in Mercy’s life that I always wanted to get a more in depth look at him. I loved his relationship with Kyle and how he was just as badass as I thought him to be. A major plus for this story is that is had a zombie in it!

Redemption is Ben’s story. Ben is the werewolf that we all love to hate. Well, at least until a certain part of the series and then we just love him. Ben shows his softer (kind of) side in this story when he protects one of his co-workers and learns the real meaning of pack. I loved that Adam and Mercy made a cameo in this story and parts of this story were hilarious!

Hollow is where we finally get a Mercy story! She is playing the role of ghost investigator again and she does not disappoint in her shenanigans! It is a fabulous addition to Mercy stories and I love love love love love Adam.

Last but not least are the deleted scenes from Silver Borne and Night Broken. Night Broken was my favorite of the two because it was told from Adam’s point of view and well, I can’t ever get enough of the sexy Alpha. His love for Mercy is so deep and made me fall in love with him all over again. Silver Borne was the conclusion of Sam and Ariana’s story and super sweet too. It was very romantic at parts and I think a great addition to the anthology.

Overall, this book gave me my Mercy world fix until the next installment of the Alpha & Omega series hits the shelves. I found myself entranced at points and eh at others. Either way it has inspired me to re-read Mercy’s books as soon as I get the chance!